Il Divo Domestico

And so it begins.  We have decided to bring our message to the masses.  Within the lines of this blog we hope to bring some inspiration and education regarding our favorite topics. 


This idea was conceived with one goal in mind… sharing information with a group of like-minded people within a global community about modern living, food, home design, and art.


As this story unfolds we will do our best to deliver posts every weekday with a special weekend edition on Friday.  It is our sincere desire to shine the light on some topics to make life easier and more enjoyable.  We also hope to learn something new with every new post.


While we are uncertain what the future holds, we do know that at some point we will combine this blog with our other endeavors which, at present, include interior design and a bakery and gift store.


We hope you will join us often.  We encourage any feedback and would be especially happy to hear about any ideas for future posts.  We want to make this a resource for many for all things domestic.  Consider me your Modern Home Ec Master or, as one of my friends calls me – Il Divo Domestico.


Week one begins March 1, 2010.


savour…new beginnings.