Going Postal: Postcard Revival

Sitting at my desk, scratching my head over what my next post would be, I started scanning over the short list of upcoming topics.One of them caught my attention right away because I also spotted the very thing that sparked the idea: a vintage black and white postcard from Christiansburg, VA.Not only does it remind me of home, but the photograph is idyllic and transports you to another time.This particular postcard was a lucky coincidence found in a lot of vintage postcards I purchased on eBay.

Unlike most of the others in that lot, this one had writing on the back.My favorite line is “The place is deep in gloom without you.”It is postmarked 1951 and the postage is 1cent.I have not been able to let it go yet.There are others, too, that are being saved for just the right occasion.Having some with writing may seem like you got cheated a little, but you also get a tiny glimpse into the past.

The lot had 100 cards; I paid 20 dollars.I have been pulling them from my stationery drawer for a little over a year, so I cannot be certain of the ratio of used to unused, but I assure you that they were well worth the money.I have sent several of them off always to rave reviews. This morning I found this eBay auction for a postcard lot that looked really promising. You may find it easier to get your hands on just the right card by heading to your local antique mart, but I really enjoy opening up the package of cards and unveiling all of the treasures.

Postcards handle many tasks easily.With a card you are physically limited to the amount you can write (and the content since anyone can read it).That makes them perfect for “just a quick note”.At the same time, they are thoughtful and present the recipient a tangible reminder of your affection.Using vintage cards means “going green” in your own little way. Very little beats reusing.The postage is a fraction of the cost of a letter. Best of all, you will have done something that will have everyone regarding you as clever and kind.

There is nothing like opening your mailbox and finding hand written correspondence from a friend or loved one.In this time of instant messages, Facebook updates, and twitter tracking, we can all use a little reminder of the past.Someone sitting down with a pen and card says “you’re special”.You and the addressee may find yourself contemplating the history, even the mystery of the card.


The hardest part may be letting them go. But if you enjoy it, imagine the happiness it will bring an old friend.For me that difficulty is not limited to postcards.I have ribbons I refuse to wrap around packages and greeting cards I will not release.There is a particular one that my mother-in-law gave me that I will probably take to the grave.Silly, but true.I will have to work on that.To that end, Nana, there is a Cherry Grove postcard headed your way.

savour…unexpected notes