Mailbag: Green

Mail is in!I asked for feedback and you responded.With a prompt like “green” the doors were wide open for interpretation.


Jenson74 sent a message regarding TerraCycle.This “green” company has been looking for ways  to lessen our impact on the planet since 2001.The brainchild of Tom Szaky, TerraCycle started as an organic fertilizer project.Over the years it has evolved into a multi-category eco-friendly company.


You will find cool products from reuse materials, other eco products, and ways to get involved.Check out the website at sure to look for ways you and/or your group can be part of the green revolution.Purchasing these very reasonably priced goods puts you on the cutting edge and really makes a difference.Very green, indeed!

Thanks to everyone who responded to the call by email or commented.Be sure to keep them coming.I am so excited about growing this community.A special thank you to Jenson74 for the great link. A gift is headed your way.

This week’s prompt is spring.The official first day of spring is just a few days away, but the daffodils in our neighborhood are getting ready early.There is something so friendly about them.They are already practicing their smiles for Saturday.

Start thinking about your spring inspired project or comments now (extra credit for anyone who makes something out of an actual spring).It could be a great spring floral arrangement, your favorite springtime meal, or maybe spring-cleaning tips.Please send photos if you have them.The more we share; the more we learn.

savour… new ideas.