Mailbag: Inspiration

    The prompt for last week was inspiration.  The goal was intentionally vague.  The hope was that you would have differing ideas sparked by that one word.  I gave you an idea soup starter:


  Where do you find it?

  Where do you keep it?

  How do you use it?


    I shared with you where I store mine.  I look forward to seeing your comments and photos of where you store yours.  Many people use a bulletin board.  Others use a binder.  You may even have special folders set up on your computer with photos you have either taken or downloaded from the Internet.  These are all good ideas.  The most important thing here is that you find what works for you and use it. 


    For me, keeping ideas in my head is useless.  Your ideas are infinitely more likely to become reality if you commit them to paper or some other tangible source.  To that end, let me introduce you to my little friend - moleskine.  If you are already acquainted, then consider yourself lucky.  If not, you may find this to be your new best friend.



    This little notebook has been being used for centuries.  Some of the more notable users are Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Ernest Hemmingway.  They are the perfect little storage “on-the-go”.  There is quite a following behind this book… and for good reason.


    You decide how to use it.  The books come in many varieties.  They can be found at many bookstores and specialty stores.  You can get lined paper, blank paper, or graph paper.  Some are bound at the top “reporter style” and some are bound on the side.  All that I have seen come with a handy back pocket.  They are made and tested to the highest standard.  Be sure to check out their newest series – passions.  These notebooks are formatted for specific interests.  They are a great gift idea paired with a good mechanical pencil.  For the record, my pencil money goes to Zebra M-301.  These are great pencils and available almost anywhere office supplies are sold.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I have cups full of them. 


    Now, let’s move on to this week.  The prompt for this week is GREEN.  Again, you decide how to see that.  You may be thinking of an art project you want to do or have done that is the color green.  Maybe you want to submit your recipe for spanakopita.  Or you may have an eco-friendly “green” tip to share.  The possibilities are only limited by your thoughts and somehow including the prompt. 


    Be sure to send me your comments and photos.  I hope to get much feedback this week and be able to share with our new community.  Good luck and may the creative force be with you.


savour… fresh ideas.