Since the day we decided to take on a blog we knew that it would include a “mailbag” day.  I am going to get started with it right away.  This will be an opportunity to cover any significant issues that came up over the week or highlight a remarkable idea from a reader.  I truly wish for this to be a shared experience.


With that in mind, I submit this request: send me your comments!  I would appreciate any input, but would be particularly interested in topics you wish to see covered in future posts.  I have a long list, but would gladly alter or amend it depending on what you want.  I am driving the bus, but it is a chartered bus.  Tell me where you want to go.


We are also introducing a weekly challenge today.  The results will be part of the weekly Thursday mailbag post.  Each week I will provide a prompt and then it will be up to you to turn on your creativity and send me your results.  I sincerely hope this will get the creative juices flowing and help other readers.


The prompt for this week is inspiration.  Although seemingly vague, that is the point.  I am expecting replies that lead us in many directions.  Without feeding you too much, here are some questions to get you started:


Where do you find it?

Where do you keep it?

How do you use it?


You can email me via the link on the left or simply hit the comment link at the end of this post.  One reader will receive a gift for their reply and their contribution will be highlighted in next Thursday’s mailbag.  Good luck! 


savour… sharing.