Weekend Warriors II: The Squirrels Strike Back

Last weekend we cleaned out the attic and stirred the squirrels that have made a home up there.We finished quickly.Certain that we had scared the squirrels outside with all of our noise; we moved outside to seal up the hotel entrance.We used galvanized metal to be sure that they would not be able to re-enter.

We were quite pleased with ourselves.After an afternoon of shopping we sat down to a late lunch.My wife (who by the way has superhuman hearing) jumped up and ran to the back of the house.Mr. Squirrel was in the playroom!We opened the outside doors and scurried him out.Despite our best efforts, we could not find the point of entry.It was then that we decided it was time to call in the professionals.Squirrels: 1 Hendersons: 0.

The Internet revealed a great deal of information regarding squirrels in the attic.We contemplated trying some of the methods described, but then resigned to getting a professional opinion.Our guy came out the next morning.He showed us all of the potential opportunities for wildlife invasion.Mostly, the tiny spaces were ideal for rats.They can evidently make themselves paper-thin.

After installing a humane, one-way trap at the opening, we were sure our problems were solved.We would give the squirrels a day or two to get out and then remove the trap and seal the hole.Then I could get on to gardening on Saturday and start that thread.The squirrels had a different idea.They showed up inside the house again changing our plans for the weekend.

Ok, Nesters, I am trying to be patient and kind, but enough is enough.My opinion of the furry little creatures is quickly waning.I am beginning to think of them as nothing more than rats with a better wardrobe.In fact, here is a picture of one from last fall who got caught up in a rag or something.He decided to make lemonade and turned his misfortune into a little kilt.Charming.Perhaps it is our friend from the attic and showing this around to the area nut gatherers will shame him into moving to a new neighborhood.


Maybe he will blame it on the Margaritas.Tequila can make even the tamest become a bit of a squirrel.Don’t worry about the tequila in today’s treat of the week, though.All of the alcohol has been baked off.What is left is a sugar cookie with a bit of margarita appeal.The lime adds just the right amount of green to finish off the week.

savour… worthy adversaries.