Earth Day: What To Do

Around the world today people will be celebrating Earth Day.This is our chance to do something good for the environment and appreciate the wonder of nature.Many cities around the globe are holding events to demonstrate ways to have a lesser impact on the environment overall.If you are not sure about your area, check out this page at the Environmental Protection Agencies website.While you are there, explore the other possibilities for you to help on this day and beyond.I particularly like the Pick 5 program.

If you are staying closer to home today, you may wish to keep things a little more “low-key”.Either way, if you have children, stressing the importance of taking care of Mother Earth is indisputable.One way to show you care would be to take a walk around the neighborhood with a trash bag in hand.Who knows?You might even be a positive catalyst for your neighbors.

A walk might help you connect with nature, too.There are so many things in our immediate environment that we take for granted.Try exploring the world around you and creatures in their habitat with a child.That can be truly eye-opening.


This evening I am committed to watching the Life series on Discovery.I have recorded them all, but so far only seen one.It was a-maz-ing!If the rest of the series even comes close to the one about insects we are in for a treat.For more information on the series, check out the page at Discovery.

Whatever your plans are or your feelings about the day, one mantra holds true…give more, take less.It is true of so many things in life, but profoundly true in terms of the environment and our use of natural resources.We should all be trying to leave the world a better place than we found it.Have a glorious day!

savour… fresh air and clean water.