Healthy Eating: Finding Fresh Produce

Eating healthy can be challenging.  Much of “getting it right” has to do with taking steps in advance.  However, with proper planning you can have an abundance of good, healthy food at your fingertips.  Once you have made the commitment to eating healthier you have to get the right ingredients.


So the question is… where do you find the right foods at a reasonable price?  Many of the “right” foods are fruits and vegetables.  Today we are focusing on those and the many ways to obtain them. 


Of course, you know the first thing I am going to suggest is that you grow some.  I stand firmly by the notion that no food will taste as good as the ones you grow, pick, and prepare.  Perhaps you don’t have the time or space to do this.  Never fear…there are still many options available to you.


Most areas have at least a small local farmer’s market somewhere within reasonable driving distance.  In my area there are several.  Beyond that, there are food co-ops and buying clubs.  Most will require a small fee.  My dear, long-time friend, L, from the Roanoke Valley area recently joined one at Sausser Farms.  Based on the website, what you get for the money is remarkable.  As a side note: The people in that area have a number of farmer’s markets from which to choose and the Roanoke Market is a testament to making downtown areas work.


If you want the experience of gardening, but do not want to tackle it all alone, you may try forming a community garden.  Sharing the workload, tools, and equipment will save you time and money and produce a great deal of food to share amongst your co-gardeners.  You will find a wealth of information about this through the American Community Gardening Association.


If you grow more than you can use, try selling or trading it through an online source such as  You may also choose to use this as a resource for local sellers.  The idea here is to get as much as you can in terms of freshness and variety right in your own neighborhood.  This touches on so many important concepts including community, sustainability, healthy eating habits, and environmental protection.  It is a win for everyone.


If all else fails, go to the supermarket for your produce.  You will never get the same quality, but I admit that it is sometimes a necessary evil.  No matter what, there is no substitute for a diet filled with fresh, seasonal produce.  Mom was right… eat your veggies!