Eating Right: Sensible Snacks and a Giveaway

As I stated in an

earlier post

, the best way to manage your weight is by cranking up your fat furnace.  The most effective means for tackling this is regular excercise and eating smaller, sensible meals (or snacks) more frequently throughout the day. 

One reader recently asked me, "What do you eat for your sensible snacks?"  My reply was easy to put together mostly because I do eat many of the same things repeatedly. 

Here are a few of the usual suspects:

  • Almonds - not roasted in oil and salted, but plain
  • Non-fat Greek yogurt with fruit
  • Hard boiled eggs (whites only) with WASA (light rye) crackers
  • Natural peanut butter on whole wheat
  • Chicken breast with shredded wheat
  • Albacore tuna with Barilla plus pasta
  • Turkey and tomatoes with cottage cheese
  • Popchips - any flavor

I eat an inordinate amount of non-fat Greek yogurt.  Combined with fruit, it gets you more bang for your calorie buck.  Mind you, I am not a calorie counter.  I just think that you are allotted a certain amount per day to manage.  I know that I will be enjoying dinner around the table with my family at the end of the day so I do not waste my calories on nonsense throughout the day... plus, in case you haven't picked this up already, I like treats.


My other "go to" snack is almonds. They are great "on the go" and loaded with goodness.  I highly recommend these as a take along.  To make it easier, I have something to give you.  Three readers will win one of the tins pictured.  They hold one serving (approximately 23 nuts) and the nutritional information is printed on the bottom... perfect for pocket or purse.  To win, leave a comment at the end of this post.  Winners will be drawn at 11:59pm CST on Wednesday, May 19, 2010 and announced on Thursday morning, May 20. 


... snackisfaction.