Mother's Day Greetings: DIY Greeting Card


As a parent, I have received many handmade gifts ( I am partial to the popsicle stick pencil holder).  Although I am not always sure what the teacher was thinking, I always appreciate the intent.  I fondly remember making coupon books for Mother's Day.  It included things like "1 free hug" or "I will walk the dog without being asked".  I probably couldn't get away with that today, but maybe I should try.

One thing is for sure...


, handmade items are almost always sure to please.  Greeting cards are no exception.  Not only will you save great deal of money, but why spend 20 minutes picking out a card that says

exactly what you want



can just say exactly what you want?  There is no magic behind greeting cards other than some creativity and paper.  If you have never done it before, I guarantee that your recipient will be very impressed.

Today we are going to show you how to make an easy and clever greeting card that can be used for almost any occasion.  The materials and tools are readily available and the process is simple.  I have even included a template that you can print and use over and over.

All Occasion Greeting Card


Before you start:

Be sure to use a high quality setting on your printer when printing the card. 

I chose velum as my card body.  This is completely optional.  You should choose a palette and paper that expresses your creativity.

A paper cutter will ensure very straight lines.  Otherwise, you should take your time and cut very carefully.

I intentionally let the borderline show on the card body.  You may prefer to cut it off.

I finished off the sealed envelope with a wax seal.  If you have one, use it.  It adds an elegant touch. 

You might want to consider placing an additional blank sheet under the card body if you wish to handwrite your own longer message.

What you will need:

Good paper

Computer and printer


Hole punch



Glue stick

Ribbon or twine (optional) 



  1. Open up envelope template and print.
  2. Cut out template.
  3. Using a ruler fold over side A.
  4. Apply glue (no more than 1/2 inch wide) along the entire far vertical edge of side B; fold over onto side A.  Press firmly.
  5. Apply glue to horizontal edge of side C.  Fold over onto to create envelope bottom.  Press firmly. 
  6. Choose card backer paper (this must be at least as sturdy as the envelope; probably thicker card stock).
  7. Open up backer template and print.  If your backer is too thick for the printer, measure it and cut it out.
  8. Fold over the top portion of the backer card ( 3/4 inch).
  9. Choose card paper.
  10. Open up card body template and print.
  11. Punch holes at the marked spots.
  12. Center the card body on the card backer.  Use the holes as a guide to punch holes in the card backer.
  13. Insert the card body into the flap on the card backer.
  14. Attach with ribbon or brads.
  15. On just the card body, punch out holes in the appropriate boxes to indicate the date and occasion.
  16. Write in the recipient and sign.
  17. Place in envelope and seal with glue stick.