Celebrating Dad: Father's Day Gift Ideas


 So, here we are again... Father's Day.  It's finally time to celebrate dear old Dad.  Hopefully, for you the Father's Day purchase is easy.  It can be a challenge to find just the right thing for dads sometimes.  Often times they have what they need and even more often what they want is not within our Father's Day budget.  It was so much easier when you were in grade school and could just make a card or glue some tissue paper on a toilet paper roll and call it a pencil holder.

One of the best things you can give Dad is time.  Mow the yard or wash the car for him so he can go fishing. Better yet, mow the yard for him and then take him fishing. Nobody knows your dad better than you.  Make it meaningful. 

Perhaps an afternoon adventure is not in the cards or geography prevents some of the more personal type things.  Here we cover just a few gift ideas that you could make happen before Sunday.  The list is just a beginning.  Hopefully you will find something here or be inspired to think up your own idea.  Many of these items could be grouped together in a nice box or basket. If you make your decision today you might even get shipping done by Friday. If all else fails, draw a picture. 

savour... old spice

Here's the list:

monogrammed flask

monogrammed handkerchiefs

iPod (kick up Dad's cool quotient)

afternoon of bowling

car wash



cognac or premier wine

cuff links

magwear magnetic wristband - hold screws, nuts, etc while you work (great idea)

afternoon fishing trip

lunch and a matinee

pocket watch

beer holster  Yes, it is what you think.

tickets to a sporting event

beer gift basket

Godfather trilogy

movie classics


face care regimen basket

grooming kit

personalized golf balls

barbecue tools