Modern Art: Campbell Laird


Today we are coming at you from a different angle.  I would like to share with you one of my favorite modern artists, Campbell Laird.  I have been following Campbell for some time now and I am always impressed with his works. 

Born Australian, Campbell started early in life as a musician.  Later he moved to New York City and most recently to California where he maintains his current studio.

I am amazed at Campbell's use of color and shape.  Each piece of work seems simple yet you know that it was carefully planned.  On the Campbell Laird website you will find loads of examples of his work.  They are custom created and shipped out from his studio.  I love that he says not one piece leaves without his approval.


You will find approved copies of his work available at other Internet art sites, but you may wish to get it from his studio directly where you will have more control of the options available.  Contact him for specifics in terms of materials, sizes, etc.

If nothing else, if you fancy yourself an artist, use his work as inspiration for your own creation.  I am sure he won't mind.  Stick to these simple rules as your guide:

Make it graphic.

Stick to no more than 4 or 5 colors.

Overlap shapes.

Repeat the same shape or theme.

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