Summer Top 20

I started a list of summer prep items that I thought you should consider.  It soon started to grow out of control and yet I am certain that I have left out something critical.  Rather than give you a post about what I judged to be the most important from the list, I decided to provide you my summertime stream of consciousness.  Some are prep items.  Some are "must do's".  All are summer.  If you think of anything else please leave comments after the post to share with others.


savour... a smoother summer


The list:



  • Have enough sunblock for everyday (especially for kids).  Maybe invest in a lotion that has sunblock in it already.  It's a little more expensive, but if you are moisturizing anyway, this could kill two birds.
  • Wash the dog outside... in your bathing suit.  Take full advantage of the hose and perhaps exact some revenge.
  • Get the grill ready.  Make sure your barbecue tools are up to speed and well-maintained.
  • Get the bar restocked for impromptu parties.
  • Keep champagne and summer wine on hand for sparkling summer drink creations.
  • While berries are in season freeze them in a single layer and then place them in zipper freezer bags.
  • Inspect your yard games for wear and tear.  Make sure all the parts are present.
  • Keep some small water bottles in the freezer for grab and go.
  • If you haven't finished your vacation plans, finalize them.
  • If kids are going to be at home keep healthy snack options around.  If no kids, take advantage of summer produce for yourself.
  • Find the insect repellent that works best for you.  That could mean citronella candles or spray.  I have even heard that a dryer sheet in your pocket keeps bugs at bay.
  • In most areas, it is not too late to sign your kids up for day camps.  Many community centers offer a variety of programs to keep kids busy and enriched during the summer.
  • Take a field trip to your local zoo or botanical gardens.
  • Buy a glass tea jar and make sun tea.
  • Conduct closet purges around the house.  Now is a good time to assess your summer clothing needs and donate anything you haven't worn in the last year.
  • Check out your local library's summer reading list.
  • Have your air conditioner serviced (home and auto).
  • Clean your ceiling fans.
  • Make sure to carry a inflated spare tire, a jug of water, and engine coolant in your car.
  • Maintain your lawn mower and other landscaping tools.
  • Checklists are for adults, so when all your prepping and maintaining is done consider looking at summer through the eyes of a child.  Try catching fireflies, running through your sprinkler, or buying a dreamsicle from the ice cream man.