Wallflower: Ilan Dei for Blik

I am a huge fan of graphic art.  I have painted large graphic patterns and designs on many walls.  Most of them were successful...some, not so much.  Despite my careful planning and sketching, I have been forced on occasion to repaint and start from scratch or abort the mission altogether.  Fortunately, I found Blik, and with it some alternative decorating solutions.


Blik is this amazing collection of graphic art available right at your fingertips.  And here's the best part...they are removable.  Apartment dwellers rejoice!  As they say on their site, these are wall graphics for the commitment-phobic. If you have anything in your house that looks like a teen you will know exactly what I mean when I say "moods change".  You are sure to find something to suit your needs and liven up a corner or make a big splash.  There are loads of designers and designs for you to peruse at www.whatisblik.com.  

One such designer is Ilan Dei.  Ilan is an award-winning designer from Venice, CA.  His work is best described as natural meets modern.  Dei's designs for Blik are bold, usually inspired by nature, and  always lovely.


Just a few days ago Blik released new designs in the Ilan Dei line.  They are Calla and Rose. These two are sure to be a hit as part of the already successful line.  Dei has added some extra dimension to the Calla graphic through the use of color.  The graphics are tall with Calla standing just over 6 feet.  They could be perfect in so many spots to make a real statement.  I have already started thinking of placement ideas.

savour...movable art 

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Ilan Dei for Blik


If you like what you see of the Ilan Dei line at Blik be sure to check out his other design work at www.ilandeistudio.com.  If you like what you see at the Blik site be sure to look around.  I must caution you, though... do this when you have some extra time on your hands.  I am easily sucked in every time. 

Here is one example of the other graphics available at Blik.  This was a must have for our rec room where our future rock stars hold their sessions...perfect!