Artful Nest: Detour DVD

The subject of today's Artful Nest post is not new, but it might be new to some readers.  For those of you who are not familiar, I would like to introduce you to Detour Design DVD.  This company has been around for some time.  They offer what is sometimes referred to as flatscreen ambient art.  You might just call it cool, modern, graphic art that moves on your TV.

I purchased my first selection from them years ago and I play it every time I have a get-together or dinner party.  It draws attention without stealing it.  I have received compliments every time I play it.  Paired with a little light music (maybe some vintage jazz or Brazilian), it creates an ideal backdrop for cocktails and conversation.

The company currently offers 4 different selections - Wallflowers, Wallflowers 2, Op Art 1, and Modular Moves.  They range from 60-75 minutes running time, but can be set to loop continuously.  Some of the selections are now available on blu-ray disc.  At around $25 this is an excellent way to bring some beauty to your gathering.

Here are a few of the images from the programs.


Get a look at some of the demos here on the Detour DVD website.

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