Family Connections: Divide and Conquer

We are taking a break today.  The boys have grown restless from summer break and everyone has grown a little tired of each other.  Even the pets are seeking refuge in the strangest of places.


Truthfully, the kids are driving me a little nuts.  So my quick and easy modern family tip is this... divide and conquer.  Sometimes the best way to regroup is to ungroup.  My wife and I routinely have a date night separately with our boys.  I take one, she takes the other.  

Depending on which one you have and what your relationship is with that one, you might end up at the bookstore browsing and sharing a cake and "coffee" (read that as hot chocolate) or at the music store strumming and drumming.  Be careful not to let the child always dictate the activity.  The objective is to have quality time with them, but it is important that they compromise, as well.  We try to do this at least twice every month so that each child gets a date with each parent.

Often times, especially during the school year, this leads right up to bedtime.  Today we will head out for the afternoon in duos and meet up later for a nice dinner and quick swim.  Hopefully, by then, everyone will have had enough personal attention to take the edge off of our group dynamic. 

savour... peace and harmony