Market Finds: Odds and Ends

We wrap up coverage of the Dallas Market Center Fall Total Home & Holiday Exhibit with a couple of finds that I think are worth mentioning.  Some of these did not really fit into the accessory, lighting, or furniture category, but they are great finds.


 The first is this bag from rock flower paper.  The artist/designer is based in California.  You will have to visit her store online or contact her for information on where to find this bag. The idea is most clever.  By filling out the "to:from:" section and passing it on, you get to see where your bag has been.  This is a bag with a history.  The bag is sturdy and more than capable of being reused again and again.  Besides its charming appeal, the construction is top-notch and the best part of all is the handles.


Next, if you like tote bags you must check out this bag and this company.  Envirotrends makes this super useful "tote to go" called SAKitToMe.  The bag folds (or stuffs if you are like me) into its own carrying pouch which is attached and then snaps shut.  It can even be hitched to your keys.  There are stylish adult versions and playful kid versions, too.  While you are checking out the tote bag be sure to look at their other offerings (some pictured here).  I found every bag here well-made and suited for many uses.  I was fortunate enough to meet the two women responsible for bringing these bags to the US (Vanessa and Stacey).  They were delightful and clearly passionate about what they do.

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Ecosource offers up a variety of products for the home gardener or garden gifter.  Their plants are contained within either a reusable or biodegradable pot.  There are several options from which to choose.  Shown here is the basil plant in a biodegradable pot.  This makes a terrific housewarming gift.  Find them at  I found this one for sale here.  


 If you have trouble keeping track of things you will love this idea. Mayfair Lane has come up with a clip that sticks to stainless steel, mirror and glass, and most smooth surfaces.  The Happeez clipper is strong and full of spunk.  There are lots of fun modern designs.  My favorite, though, is this one with reminders for when things are due.  Mayfair has several other useful tricks up their sleeves.  Check them out at

I hope you have enjoyed our review of this exhibit this week.  I will continue to visit and bring you what I found to be the best of the show.  Until then...