Frugal Fun: Thrift Store Challenge


I don’t know who comes up with these things, but today is National Thrift Store Day.  Since I couldn’t really find information on how to celebrate the occasion, I decided I would pay homage by purchasing something and supporting my local thrift store.

I have found many treasures over the years at thrift stores around the country... a great vintage end table for $3.99 (minor cosmetic repairs) and Franciscan Tahiti bowls for 99 cents each (there were 6) are among my favorites.  On the other hand, I have had to dig through a lot of stuff to get to the best finds.  It is always a crap shoot and more times than not, I come away empty handed.

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Thrift Store Challenge

For my food photos, I find the thrift store invaluable.  I am able to buy basic dishes and glasses at a greatly reduced price.  Often times, they are in the thrift store because part of the set is missing.  That is perfect for me as I seldom need a complete set.

So for today, we are trying something new.  We are posing a challenge.  Take $10 and go to your local thrift store and see what you can find.  Refinish it.  Repurpose it.  Mend it.  Do whatever it takes, but make it useful.  Send us your photos and we will publish them in a special post two weeks from now.  The only rule is no more than $10 out of pocket.  Feel free, however, to use anything you already have.


As an example, I bought this decorator table top (the kind that go under a frilly tablecloth) for $1.99.  The legs were missing.  I removed the hardware, sanded it, and painted it.  Then I attached turntable hardware that I already had from a previous project (but you could get one for just a few dollars).  The result is a 70’s throwback lazy susan for the middle of our round breakfast nook table.  If a tabletop lazy susan isn’t your thing, this would be equally useful in a cabinet.

Get started.  Head out this weekend and be inspired!  I look forward to seeing your projects.  Until then...