Ilan Dei: Evolution Revolution

Several weeks ago we brought you brand new design for Blik from one of our favorites, Ilan Dei.  Fortunately for us, Ilan Dei Studios have been at it again.  They have been hard at work on a new furniture line.  The new line of case goods is cool urban graffiti art meets well-made, clean-lined wood tables and consoles.


Ilan has carefully hidden the exuberant color of these pieces in inconspicuous places.  Opening a door or looking at the back of the leg unveils a colorful surprise and sets these pieces apart.  The graffiti is urban and bold, but not overt (see "evolution" and "revolution" spelled out inside the credenza)..  

Simply put, we love it.  

savour... behind door #1

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Ilan Dei Studios

The furniture itself is very well constructed.  The lines are minimal and flow as if in nature.  The designer was inspired by his travels to Namibia and the desert coastlines there.  This is made most evident by the ripple in the front of the credenza and top of the console.  It almost looks like a wave as it hits the shoreline or sand dunes after a windy afternoon.


Read more about Ilan Dei on our earlier post or at the Ilan Dei Studios website.  If you are in the VeniceBeach area be sure to look them up.