Spot on: Stain Removal Basics

We haven’t discussed fashion much here.  Surprising, as I find it is so closely related to home design and design overall.  That aside, I can tell you that I like my clothes.  I like to buy things that are somewhat classic and will transcend trends.  For that reason, I also buy things that will last as long as they are in style.  Stains, therefore, are the enemy.

There is nothing quite as disappointing as looking down at your favorite shirt and seeing an oil spot which no doubt came from the vinaigrette you had at lunch.  For some, that would signal a trip to the trash bin, but it doesn’t have to end that way.

Nearly every stain we get in our washable fabrics can be removed.  True enough, some are more stubborn than others, but mostly we just need the right supplies and some direction.  In some cases you will need one more important ingredient… patience.  If you are like me your inclination might be to scrub and rub and make it go away as quickly as possible.  Don’t do it.  Take your time and you will be rewarded with your garment back as if it never happened.

savour… same as it ever was 

Basic Stain Removal

There is a great deal of information available through books, magazines, and the internet regarding stain removal.  I have tried to collect as much as I could for you in one table.  I have one of these lists printed and saved in a page protector tucked away in the laundry room for quick reference.

Beyond the traditional methods listed, there are many ‘home remedies’ for stains.  Some include soaking in milk or dissolved aspirin.  As a disclaimer, I must say that I have not had cause to try every one of the methods listed, but they were all collected from reliable sources.  As such, I do not guarantee any of the methods and will not buy you new clothes if something goes wrong.  If you love your garment and don’t trust yourself to fix it, take it to a professional.

Here you will find the stain removal table that I have compiled from a variety of sources.