Natural Craft: Felt Acorns

Fall is here and we are doing our best to welcome it with an easy craft project.  These felt acorns are perfect for filling a glass jar, working into your tablescape, or adorning gifts.  You can probably think of many other uses.  Ahead you will see instructions for attaching a filament hook so you could even use them as Christmas tree ornaments if you like.


I saw these felt acorns for sale somewhere several years ago.  I knew I would eventually have to have some.  This is such an easy project to tackle and the materials are readily available.  I ordered the felt balls online and put the kids to work collecting fallen acorn hats.  The result is handmade meets nature-made and oh, so cute. 

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Felt Acorns

Before you start:

Look for wool felt balls versus felt beads.  The beads for sale are often much harder (intentionally) than balls.  The balls are somewhat malleable and allow for the different shapes you will need to fit various "hat" sizes.

Do not keep your sack of felt balls in plain view if you have a cat.  They love them and you will find yourself searching for them under the sofa.

The felt balls come in many colors.  I chose earthy fall colors for this project, but I could definitely see some of these made with vibrant colors for the holidays.

Get far more acorn hats than you need.  Upon further inspection, some will have flaws that you won't like.  The worst thing that could happen is you have extra for another time.

I especially like it when two hats are attached.  I put all of those aside to use for wrapping gifts.  The ribbon tied right through the joint where they are attached.

Be sure to apply glue liberally.  You don't want it to spill over, but understand that some of it will be absorbed into the felt.  You will get the hang of it very quickly.


You will need:

  • acorn hats
  • glue –      I used fabri-tac, but I’m sure other glues would do.
  • clear filament      – thin, very low test fishing line is sufficient.
  • tape –      masking tape is fine.
  • needle      threader
  • felt balls - I bought 2cm balls, but you can purchase a variety of sizes to fit a variety of hat sizes.
  • drill
  • 1/16      inch drill bit

The steps:

  1. Using a dry, old toothbrush clean away any excess dirt from your collected acorn hats.  Discard any that appear unusable.
  2. To make acorns with hangers continue to step 3.  Otherwise skip to step 10.
  3. Turn the acorn hat upside down and brace it on the edge of a block of wood between your fingers.
  4. Carefully drill a hole in the center with a 1/16 inch drill bit.  Try to get as close to the stem as possible without drilling through it.  Preserving it will add some extra character to your finished product.
  5. Measure and cut lengths of filament 6-7 inches long.
  6. Double each filament piece and tie a knot as close to the end as possible.  Make it tight.
  7. Insert the needle threader from the outside of the acorn hat going in.
  8. Feed the loop end of the tied filament into the needle threader and pull through to the outside of the acorn hat.
  9. Secure the knot inside the acorn hat with a tiny piece of tape.
  10. Hold a felt ball up to an acorn hat.  Decide if you will need to make it smaller.  If so roll the felt ball between your palms to shape more like a grape.
  11. When you have the shape that fits properly liberally apply glue inside the acorn hat.
  12. Insert the felt ball and hold for a few seconds.
  13. Set on flat surface acorn hat end down to dry.
  14. Allow to dry completely before use.