Company's Coming: Guest Room Essentials

The holiday season is here.  For many that means house guests.  Making accommodations for others in our home can show how much we care.  Taking it that extra step and making your guests' stay remarkable will take a little more effort and planning, but you will forevermore be known as the host with whom to stay.


Today we tackle some essentials to have for a guest room.  The idea is to make your home seem like a five star hotel with some personal touches as appropriate.  I like to include several things on a tray that can be put aside. 

To keep a record of the fun times with our guests, we keep a journal handy so they can jot notes about their trip and experiences in our town.  I have simply taken a blank journal and added a band.  I made it out of craft paper which I cut to the size of legal paper, printed my cover page, and then cut it into a thinner strip.  Then I fastened it with glue.  It is fun to look back through it and recall the memories with guests.

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Guest Room Essentials

Before you start:

Spend the night in your guest room.  This is the best way for you to determine what your guest will experience.

Install a full length mirror if possible.

If the configuration of your home allows, have your guests stay in a room that is out of the normal traffic of your family activities.

Install a lock on your guest room door.

You can still pamper your guests even without a guest room.  Take the extra time to provide a lush experience… let thoughtfulness be your guide.



There are five pieces every guest room should have:

  • A bed – choose a somewhat firm mattress.Make this as comfortable as possible.This is, after all, what the guest room is all about… a good night’s sleep.
  • A chair and ottoman for reading or quiet time – think cozy… maybe club chair.Your guests will apprieciate having a cozy, quiet place to retreat.
  • A chest of drawers- or built in if that is what you have.This is critical for those guests staying more than a day.Nobody enjoys living out of a suitcase.
  • A reading light – at the chair (having one bedside is a good idea, too).
  • A luggage rack – a bench is fine… great for packing/unpacking.

You might also consider these:

  • A vanity with well lit mirror.
  • A television with media player
  • A sound system with MP3 capabilities.

To be sure you are providing a delightful guest space, put yourself in the place of the guest and imagine what would make your stay more enjoyable.

Here are a few things to have on hand:

·Extra hangers

·Alarm clock

·Reading material – a couple of novels and magazines

·A bedside carafe of water

·Fresh flowers

·Pad of paper and writing instrument

·Plain postcards and stamps


·Extra pillows of varying sizes and firmness

·Extra blankets of varying weights

·A small fan for temperature control and white noise

·Eye mask to block out light

·A listing of available television stations on cardstock

·A sewing kit

·A candle

·Some warm, fuzzy socks or slippers