Holiday Road Trip 2010

As I write this we are wrapping up Holiday Roadtrip 2010.  It has been a wonderful time with my family.  Surprisingly, the time spent in the car was incredible.  We all reconnected and laughed and sang and told stories.

We spent a couple of wonderful nights in Memphis.  The rest of our time was with family in Virginia.  We stayed at my mother-in-law's home.  Her home is charming and warm.  She has excellent taste.  We took a day trip to nearby Roanoke and hung out on the Market.  It included a stop at the Roanoke Weiner Stand, an area landmark.

It will be great to be back in our own beds and have our pets nearby.  Tomorrow I will be sure to have a more useful post ready for you.  Until then, I hope you will enjoy a few of the images from our trip.