savour365: resolutions

It’s our first official day back from the holiday break.  Our post today is straight forward enough… making resolutions.  I have only one for this year.  It is to make no resolutions.  Year after year thousands of us resolve to change many things.  Some of us even stick with it for a few weeks.  More often than not, resolutions end in disappointment.

There is one simple reason for this.  Resolutions for most people are like wishes.  I wish I would lose 20 lbs by Spring Break.  I wish I would pay off all of my bills.  I wish I would spend more time with my kids.  Resolutions seldom include any real preparation or follow through. 

This year, instead of resolutions, I encourage you to set aside some time to really plan out the year, including goals, and the steps necessary for reaching them.  Don’t choose too many objectives, and make sure at least one of the things on your list is fun.  Life is meant to be enjoyed, after all.  What will you savour this year?

We already have much planned for 2011.  Our posts are scheduled through mid-year, and our plans to launch a sister site and internet bakery are well underway and should be complete within the next few weeks.  There is a busy year ahead filled with fun and excitement. 

When things get busy it can be difficult to stop to savour the best parts of life… the simple pleasures.  The savour phrases will continue to be a part of our posts here at Today’s Nest, but I hope to take that a step further this year by getting some feedback from our fellow Nesters.

Eventually your simple pleasures may be shared on page dedicated to the topic.  Please leave us your comments.  What do you savour?  Spring showers?  Crisp dollar bills?  Let us know.  You can leave your comments after this post or on our Facebook page or on twitter at @todaysnest (use hashtag #savour).  We look forward to your comments.

savour… sharing life’s simple pleasures