Breaking Ground: Lola's Fresh

I am very pleased to announce the start of our new blog, Lola's Fresh.  We are wrapping up the final touches on the site, but here is the first blog post written by the beautiful and talented Jennifer Henderson:

Lola breaks from the Nest to bring you Lola's Fresh:  a weekly spotlight on all things modern homesteading.  A modern guy, gal, or family might find it daunting to introduce homesteading into an already packed schedule, but going local doesn't get more so than your own backyard.  While gardening will be the primary focus for the next couple of posts due to the timeliness, you can expect to find rainwater harvesting, chickens in the city, book reviews, where to find your best local goods, community gardening and much, much more.  All this with but one goal in mind:  how to give the modern homemaker all the tools to be a modern homesteader. 

I am busily preparing our raised beds for earlier (this year) planting and was pleasantly surprised to find that my thyme is supremely cold hardy, surviving our latest round of snow and ice.  It is the cold hardiest of all the herbs, but I was skeptical, especially with my yellow thumb.  My pineapple sage didn't fair so well, but truthfully, it didn't do well in the heat, so a little more TLC might be warranted this growing season.  Oregano, chervil, sage, and hyssop (aniseed flavor) are also cold hardy and do well in pots.  Even though we are moving toward warmer weather, it has me thinking smarter for next winter.  As I update my herb garden and transplant my thyme and oregano I will be adding the herbs above bearing in mind that they'll take me happily through winter by adding a bit of freshness and keeping a hint of summer alive. 

My goal this planting season is to work earlier, plant smarter, and feed the family fresh for the entire summer.  While this may seem ambitious I think it is doable with a plan.  I look forward to sharing my plan with you next week.  Until then... make the most of your thyme.