Savour Spotlight: EarthLinks


Five years ago the U.S. Senate designated the final week of June as Pollinator Week.  This was just the spotlight needed on the growing problem of pollinator decline.  We at Today’s Nest take pollinators and pollination pretty seriously, from growing flowers and plants that attract pollinators to helping a wayward or worn out bee in need.  There have been a couple of occasions here at the nest where a bee has run out of “juice” so to speak and a drop or two of orange juice from a cohabitant who cares was all that was needed. 

In the course of Pollinator Week many companies, Burt’s Bees, Pollinator Partnership, BBBSeed to name a few, took advantage of our increased interest by offering amazing facts on pollinators like a spotlight on hummingbirds , bats (which we never considered much for their pollinating prowess), and most importantly the mason bee among many others.  It is the Mason Bee and the house that EarthLinks built that really caught our attention and is what leads us to this Lola Digs feature.


EarthLinks is a community of people who care for each other and the Earth.  The folks there are either presently homeless or have experienced homelessness.  They have but a simple goal:  cultivate a connection to something tangible and growing that generates a sense of self-worth.  Their members are involved at the grassroots level including designing, planting, tending, and harvesting the garden.  Given these opportunities they are connected to the circle of life where they flourish as the Earth does.  EarthLinks believes that to be connected to one another and to the Earth is to be whole. 

The supportive community formed by EarthLinks participants and staff

            grows out of the transformative, healing experiences in our garden and

            workshop.  Participants benefit from:  resource sharing, increased trust,

            self awareness, a sense of hope, creativity, meaningful work, interaction

            with community, and Earth awareness.

EarthLinks offers a Micro-Enterprise Workshop Program where participants who are low-income or homeless earn a small stipend for their work in their garden and creative workshops.  They create Earth-friendly crafts, art or products, all while gaining skills development, increased accountability, and setting goals.  They also offer programs that provide skills for employment in certain industries, like Floral Design. 

By purchasing from their line of sustainable products  you are completing the circle by sustaining Earth and helping others on their road to wholeness.  Their many products include:

  • Bat Boxes
  • Mason Bee Boxes
  • Rain Barrel/Drip Irrigation Systems (Denver, CO residents only)
  • Bee Works Soaps & Lotions
  • Flower Bowls
  • Cards
  • Bookmarks
  • More

Please check them out to be part of their success story.  To learn more about EarthLinks, their humble beginnings, all their good work to date, and how you can sustain them in more ways than just products visit them at their website, on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

Not only am I looking forward to hanging our Mason Bee Box and Single Chambered Bat Box at our own Nest, but I am looking forward to exploring ways to bring an EarthLinks inspired operation to my community. 

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