Guest Judy Moore: Taking Stock Home Inventory System

Do you know what you own?  Most people are aware that they need to do a home inventory but still haven’t taken the time to document their belongings.  It’s important to have an up to date record of the contents of your home so you can get a fair and accurate insurance settlement in the event of a loss.  This applies to renters as well as homeowners.


The task isn’t as overwhelming as it seems, especially since you don’t have to do it all in one day.  Start your inventory by filming the interior and exterior of your home.  Then go through your home room by room to do a more thorough listing of your possessions.  Write down model and serial numbers of expensive items like televisions, computers, electronic equipment and appliances.  Include what you paid for these items and keep copies of receipts with your inventory.  Take detailed still photos of collections, rare books, art work, jewelry, antiques and any other valuables.  Note when and where individual items were purchased and the price paid.

Keep in mind that most homeowner’s insurance policies offer limited coverage for jewelry and artwork, so you may want to get these items appraised and purchase additional coverage.  The information you’ve gathered should be stored in a safe place outside your home.

Lastly, keep your home inventory up to date.  New major purchases should be added to your existing documentation so your record stays current.  Now you can relax and enjoy your home even more knowing that you’ve done your part to protect your property.

Judy Moore is the producer, writer and on camera expert on the Taking Stock Home Inventory System DVD.  The DVD is a step by step guide to doing a complete home inventory.  The Taking Stock Home Inventory System and Judy’s blog can be found at