Mad Hatter Day 2011

Today marks 25 years since the first Mad Hatter Day.  I hope you will find your own way to celebrate with silliness.  If you are looking for a fun treat to have for your afternoon tea, be sure to check out this Unbirthday Cake.  The following is a brief history of the holiday from our archives:


We take a break from all things "home" today to celebrate Mad Hatter Day.  This is a toned down version of April Fool's Day.  Pranks are not the order of the day, but foolishness is.  This is your license to be as silly as you like.

Mad Hatter Day was first celebrated in America in Boulder, Colorado in 1986.  The date of October 6 was chosen because of the tag attached to the brim of the Hatter's top hat.  The numbers, of course, are not meant to indicate a date, but are more likely an order number or price (such as 10 shillings, sixpence).

The Mad Hatter has been part of our culture for decades.  He appeared first in the Lewis Carroll books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland andThrough the Looking-Glass.  Later, Walt Disney's adaptation of the Alice story catapulted the Hatter's popularity.  Recently, he has gained new fame with the release of the Tim Burton version ofAlice in Wonderland.

If nothing else, let this day be a reminder of how important it is to be a little light-hearted once in a while.  The Hatter may have been mad, but he was surely happy and full of imagination.

Alice: Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Mad Hatter: That is an excellent practice.

savour... happy unbirthdays