Soup Month: Top Choices

January is (appropriately) soup month.  The chill outdoors drives us in to warm our hands with a comforting bowl.  I love to make soup and, fortunately for me, I enjoy nearly every type.  I often use lighter varieties as a meal starter to trick myself into eating less, but I also enjoy a soup that is hearty enough to be the meal.


We are only 4 days in, but I must admit that this year has not started in the way I imagined.  I have been incredibly busy over the past few days… good for business, but three posts have had to be postponed… bad for blog.  I will try to get the first two out to you later this week, but the third, Lasagna Soup, was scheduled for today.  I made the soup and it was delicious.  It had just the right amount of thyme, but I did not.  The photos I got in the time I had left were not good enough to post here.


pictured above: Pasta e Fagioli

Instead what I am sending you today are links to previous soup posts to get you started for the month.  I hope you will find them useful and delicious.  Be sure that we will send you more soup recipes in the coming weeks.

The collage:

savour… back-up plans