Double Down: Wrapping Up Our Second Year

This month wraps up our second year blogging.

It has been an incredible two years.  I am sometimes surprised I could keep up.  There were a few times I was completely overwhelmed and even skipped a day or two as a result, but what has developed over time is more than I ever expected.

To date we have posted 440 articles including 100 treats.

In the beginning, I wasn’t sure anyone would read our little blog at all, but I knew we had stuff to share that could help or at the very least inspire some people… and so we began.  Our followers have grown substantially and we thank each of you for being part of our journey.  Now, we have a tiny favor to ask.

Because it is our second year, we are taking on a 'double' theme for the month.  We are on a mission to double our current stats.  This is where you come in.  I hope it won't come off as desperate.  It already feels a bit like a public TV fund raising drive.  But I think we have something valuable to share... and if you like it, you might know others who would like it, too.

Facebook: If you don’t already 'like' us, find us here where the fun continues.  If you do like us, please tell your friends by using the suggest to friends link on our page.

Twitter:  If you don’t already follow us, find us here.  I’ll try to keep the conversation interesting and entertaining.

Email subscription:  If you don’t have one, get one here.  If you do have one, please recommend us to a friend.

Pinterest:  It's a wonder any of us can get anything done with Pinterest in the world.  If we haven’t connected yet you can find us here.

The more our community grows, the better equipped we are to bring you even more domestic goodness.  As a result of our growth thus far you can expect to see lots of new videos this year and an e-zine or two before the year ends.

Lastly, I cannot thank you enough for your continued support.  I look forward to sharing many more posts and pictures. 


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