Holy Crepe: Groundhog Day meets La Chandeleur

While we wake up to new reports of the groundhog’s forecast in the US this morning, the French begin their crepe batter to celebrate La Chandeleur.  This holiday, much like our Groundhog Day (and quite possibly the origin), determines whether winter will acquiesce and melt gently into spring or hang about for six more grueling weeks.


Where this takes a turn is the food.  I love any holiday where a specific food is served.  There is very little in the way of traditional foods surrounding our Groundhog Day.  The French, on the other hand, use this day, also known as Crepe Day, to also celebrate the crepe.  The crepes are made in both sweet and savory form and often served with cidre, a sort of effervescent hard cider.

Beyond the food, the French holiday also comes with a few superstitions.  For example, it is said that you must flip the first crepe with a coin in your left hand.  If the flip goes well, you should wrap the coin in the crepe and put it in a safe place for one year and it will bring you luck.  However, if the flip should go badly, then doom on you.

Either way, this is a wonderful way to celebrate together and plan for a brighter tomorrow.  Try something new by incorporating Crepe Day into your Groundhog Day to make it a bit more special.  Check out our Lola Cooks: Crepes post for a simple and tasty start.

savour… kind winters