Lola Finds: Bird Houses

Lola is a bit of an expert where bird houses are concerned.  She's seen her fair share and knows what a modern girl likes.  Below we have highlighted some of our favorites from around the web.  

Note: Not all bird houses are for all birds.  On the other hand, some of these are so smart looking, they might just stay inside.

  1. Roost Bodega Bird House at habitat design
  2. Birdhouse by cpopp workshop
  3. Nest Birdhouse by arcamita
  4. Birdy Modern Bird House by Vladmir Jackard at Nova 68
  5. Burd-Haus by Nathan Danials at Papernstitch
  6. Birdbottle Bird House at blend design
  7. Planter Bird House at Jardin Chic
  8. Egg Bird House by Jim Schatz
  9. Anderes Bird House by Oliver Krapf at Stadtnomaden