All Wrapped Up: Our First Nest Chat

    Last night we were proud to host our premiere Nest Chat.  The attendance was good and the conversation was even better.  

    There were many topics discussed and loads of tips, recipes, and links shared.  Below is a timeline of the actual chat (last tweet first).  I have removed some of the redundancies, but left in most of the meat of the discussion.  The links are live.  Check out some of the stuff the attendees shared.  You can also click on their name and be taken directly to twitter to follow them if you don't already.

    Our next chat is already scheduled for Wednesday, April 18 at 8pm E/ 7pm C.  I do hope you will be able to join us and be part of the conversation.  If you have questions regarding the chat please feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post or email me at

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