Treat of the Week: Cardamom Wedding Cookies (revisited)

Today we are taking another look back at an old post that needs a little 'dusting off'.  Our site is newly designed, but some of our older posts aren't up to par.  We are re-shooting some of the pics, updating some of the articles and re-releasing them.

cardamom wedding cookies revisited todaysnest.jpg

The original post was done within our first month blogging.  The original photos were bad... really bad.  At the time, I thought they were good, but they weren't.  What is good, on the other hand, is the recipe.  This recipe is tried and true and one of the most requested cookies I bake.  They are impossibly easy, but the taste is very unique.  The cardamom adds a twist that will surprise your usual cookie snackers. Click the link for Cardamom Wedding Cookies.

savour... unexpected flavor