Photo Finish Friday Roundup: #SavourLife Summer Pleasures 3

This week we officially began summer.  It's time for sprinkler, popsicles, poolside chats, and lemonade.  Summer holds so many simple pleasures.  Perhaps that's because it seems slower and more relaxed than the rest of the year.  Perhaps it's because as children this was the time of year we had the most time on our hands to make memories.  Whatever the reason this season is ripe with opportunities to enjoy and capture some of life's simple pleasures.


be thankful by tou_vlo

Our reader/follower driven series continues with some very nice photos this week.  Our project is beginning to take shape.  If you haven't already submitted feel free to do so here through email, on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Submit as often as you like, but remember to add the #SavourLife hashtag so we can find your work.  Read on for some more pics.

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morning bouquet by filmoreclark 

summer table todaysnest.jpg

summer table by koyalwholesale 

yogurt lemon loaf todaysnest.jpg

yogurt lemon loaf by Melin44  

sprinkler fun todaysnest.jpg

sprinkler fun by Jul3231 

backpack bouquet todaysnest.jpg

backpack bouquet by tou_vlo