DIY Valentine Treat Box

Looking for a way to package up those little Valentine’s treats?  We’ve got youcovered today with this simple printable box template that is just the right size.  You simply print the pdf from the link below.  Then just cut, fold, glue and decorate to suit your needs.


II printed my box on white card stock, cut it out with scissors nd used a craft knife for the holes.  I decorated the box before I folded and glued the end.  Then it was just a matter of filling it and closing the flaps.

The very best thing about this box is the versatility.  It’s great for your upcoming valentines, but it could be used for so many other things… print it on green paper for St. Patricks Day or load it up with jelly beans for Easter.

Got more ideas for it?  Share your ideas in the comments or send us a picture of your project.