Today's Fitness: The Science of Weight Loss

Summer is just weeks away. Perhaps you started the year with good intentions to drop a few pounds but it just hasn't worked out as you planned. The reason could be as simple as changing your mind. As explained here before in our weight loss basics article, a sustained healthy weight and body composition is about a lifestyle change and not just cutting back on McFastfood.

Making healthy choices doesn't mean you don't get to enjoy life. It just means you have some control and employ moderation. Good food choices combined with regular exercise like walking, jogging, or rowing will get you well on your way. The equation is simple... healthy diet + cardiovascular conditioning + strength training + flexibility = a healthier you. 

Recently, I came across this infographic from the Pritikin Longevity Center that is loaded with useful information about making the right choices when it comes to weight control. There are many choices out there to help us on our journey. Remember that no one answer is right for everyone and the real magic begins with you. Choosing to make a lifestyle change is the first step.