Girls Night In: Woodinville Lavender


Ladies, grab your cocktail shaker because this luscious lavender infused handmade martini is shaken not stirred and meant to be sipped and savored.

The vivid violet hued drink was the perfect signature cocktail for Girls Night In with Monica Hart  on location at Woodinville Lavender,  which is a gorgeous lavender farm tucked away in the heart of Woodinville, Washington wine country.

So dreamy! You can read more about our lavender infused evening by visiting the La Famiglia Design blog here.


You can recreate a beautiful handmade lavender and blackberry martini drop and backdrop in your  home bar by adding a few pretty purple details.

Here’s the simple and stylish how-to:

The preparation:

First, the cocktail! The Lavender Blackberry  Martini Drop is an amethyst gem of a cocktail. It’s infused with lavender, citrus, vanilla, flowers and blackberries. The color alone is stunning!

When I’m offering a signature cocktail such as this, I like to pull together a simple complimentary color scheme to go with.


In this case, I’ve dressed up a kitchen corner in subtle but yummy shades of violet & plum.

Botanical plum colored placemats from West Elm  make a fun counter peplum and a gold, antique mirrored tray and vintage glasses add a touch of glamour.  I love using these inexpensive individual shakers  from Cost Plus  for each guest.


Delicious but curious cocktail liqueurs flank the bar. I like to decorate with my ingredients. It’s a two for one thing.

Let’s start with the Parfait Amour. {Love} The refined, deep purple liqueur was apparently quite popular with the ladies back in the 19th century. It’s flavored with citrus peel, flower petals, spices and a hint of warmth from the vanilla. So yummy!



Next comes Crème de Mure, which is a gorgeous, fragrant wild  blackberry liqueur. Need I say more?

And finally, bring on the lavender liqueur. What is it about lavender…the symbol of serenity? The ancient  perfume? It’s intoxicating!

Combined, this evocative trio of spirits…is not only delishit’s time travel in a cocktail glass.


An earthy bundle of fresh tarragon adds great color and fragrance to the bar set up. Plus, any cocktail I dream up…has a herbaceous twist.  My lavender and blackberry martinirop also includes: a sweet little tarragon simple syrup, fresh squeezed lemon juice and vodka.

Just add ice, shake and pour into lemon juice and refined sugar rimmed glass.

For the garnish…and it’s all about the garnish…try plump blackberries on fragrant lavender picks. It’s part eye candy, part stylish cocktail.

Love these little vase vessels for topping off the martini drop!

The ingredients:

  • 2 parts vodka
  • 1 part Parfait Amour
  • ½ part tarragon simple syrup
  • (1-cup water to 1-cup sugar – add a handful of fresh tarragon, simmer for a few minutes, strain and cool)
  • 1/4th part blackberry
  • 1/4th part fresh lemon juice
  • 1/4th part lavender spirit

The method: 

  1. Pour the ingredients into a shaker; add ice, shake and pour.
  2. Don’t forget the fun. Garnish with a blackberry on a lavender pick!

Enjoy & cheers!


Written & Styled by lifestyle specialist Monica Hart
Images – Stefanie Knowlton Photography & Monica Hart