Maker of the Month: Matthew Mead


 Chances are you have swooned over some of the craftiness, styling, and photography of Matthew Mead over the years. It is possible that you didn’t know it was his work, but you loved it all the same. As a writer, photographer, lifestyle editor, and noted style expert, Matthew’s work has appeared in countless books and magazines over the past three decades. These days, when he is not busy creating stunning books, he is hard at work as the official food photographer for the Associated Press and creating content for many magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens.


This is the first in our new series, Maker of the Month. You may remember our article True You: On Being A Maker  from earlier this year. It is a subject about which I feel SO strongly, that I decided to reach out to some truly inspirational folks and share their ‘makerness’ with you. I am delighted to present Matthew Mead as our premiere ‘Maker of the Month’.

This year Matthew has four books out – Beating the Lunch Box Blues, Matthew Mead’s Halloween Spooktacular, Matthew Mead’s Christmas All Through the House (release date: Oct 15), and The Official DC Comics Cookbook. Inside these pages you will find inspiration for everything from decorating to dinner.  There is hardly a home and lifestyle category that Matthew won’t/hasn’t tackled.

We've gathered together some of Matthew's gorgeous photos to get you inspired. Click any thumbnail to open in a lightbox for a better view. 


Here are some images from the upcoming book, Matthew Mead's Christmas All Through the House

christmas promo.jpg

We’ve done our best to highlight some of the magical talent of Matthew Mead here, but there is plenty more for you to see. Check out more of his work on his site, and his blog, .

To get to the bottom of his ‘makerness’, I caught up with Matthew recently for a quick interview. Here’s what I learned:

TN: What does being a ‘maker’ mean to you?

MM: My goal is to help readers and lifestyle enthusiasts find their own sense of style… to open their eyes to a way that they have or can easily find to transform all aspects of life into a more engaged sense of LIVING.  I work in all categories of lifestyle including decorating, collecting, food, and entertaining and all kinds of fun DIY projects. I like to connect to my readers and share super easy tips, tricks, and ideas that they can assimilate into their own homes and spaces.

TN: When did your love of making begin?

MM: I learned all about making things as a child from my grandparents who know all there is to know about creating things, engaging the seasons and making a beautiful home.  Their approach to living was natural and cyclical with the environment. They were very much in tune with the natural world. 

TN: What is your favorite thing to make?

MM: I am all about traditions... so anything that plays into that is of interest to me.  I love creating a home... adding new design elements and cooking and entertaining which really brings family and friends together. 

TN: What have you been dying to make but haven’t tried yet?

MM: I've been working at my career for twenty two years so there isn't much that I haven't engaged.  I would like to learn how to repair broken pieces of glass and pottery... I collect both and I know there are ways to bring pieces back to life with zero evidence of flaws or cracks.  And I would love to undertake the planting of a designed flower garden with boxwood hedges and perennials that bloom from May to October. 

TN: Who is your favorite 'maker'?

MM: I had an amazing assistant when I started.  She was the mother of five and was self-taught in the art of home keeping.  She knows all the ins and outs of every aspect of “making” and I learned a great deal with her by my side.

TN: Where do you draw inspiration?

MM: From nature and the seasons and all the beautiful things going on in the natural world.  I am always close to what is blooming or growing outside, walking the woods or the beach for natural finds, following the harvest from spring to late fall to gather the ripest, freshest, local abundance.

TN: Any new projects coming up?

MM: I am working on a new Halloween book for next year (2015) and a large book... my own “style bible” on how to do almost anything and everything that I do to release in early 2015.  I'm going to start immersion classes here in New England in 2014 where guests can come and learn all about lifestyle and food and flea marketing with me in small groups. I’m also looking forward to photographing for some new clients looking to expand their reach with beautiful visuals. 

TN: What are you working on right now?

MM: I have a new book for spring coming out called BACKYARD STYLE... we are just finishing shooting the content for that now.  It is filled with outdoor living spaces, gardening and flower ideas, fresh foods to grill and fun past times like picking cherries and having a summer cocktail party. We are shooting a companion video project to go with it.. will be lots of fun and inspiration.