NEW VIDEO: Market Morning

Hello friends. 
I've been a bad blogger. I've missed this space over the past month or two, making only sparse additions to it. My schedule has been impossible and unfortunately, this is the ball that had to be taken out of the juggling act temporarily.

But there's good news! First, today I am introducing to you my latest video with gal pal and kitchen living expert, Coryanne Ettiene. We spent a morning not long ago wandering the market in McKinney, TX. We bought all kinds of stuff and took it back to Coryanne's kitchen to whip up some simple ramen soup (you'll see that video soon). In the meantime, check out Market Morning with Coryanne Ettiene on AOL ON by clicking the photo below... and let me know what you think.

Next, I am very happy to announce my upcoming project, Box Nine magazine. This food and lifestyle digital magazine is geared toward you. If you read Today's Nest, you will love Box Nine. The first issue is due to launch sometime next week. 

As you might imagine, the magazine has taken up much of my time (and still is for the next week). I can't wait to share it with you. After that, I'm all yours... ready to take on the holidays and share all kinds of awesome with you. I am already gearing up for #CookieWeek. Note to you: BUY FLOUR.

Sam Henderson