Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Sunday!

The final Sunday of 2014. This is your chance to soak in all that was the past year, good and bad, and get ready for a new adventure. For me, that includes a couple days of planning at the end of each year to lay the groundwork for success. By 'end of the year' I mean December 21st, of course.

This will probably all sound a little kooky to some, but I sort of work on my own calendar. My year ends on Dec 21st, which is my birthday. I break my year into four quarters, each ending at the turn of the seasons. I establish my monthly goals from there, each month beginning on the 22nd and ending on the 21st. See? Kooky. I know, but I've been using this system for years now and it works perfectly for me. Since my year ends on my birthday, I take that time to reflect on the previous year and set my goals for the coming year accordingly.

Apart from planning and my birthday, I also had a wonderful lunch with my boys at a local pizzeria. What can I say? They're two teenagers. Since I think it might have been the first time they've ever treated me to lunch, I was happy to go just about anywhere.

Beyond that, this was a fairly quiet week. Christmas came and went without a hitch. Meals were kept easy. The most complicated thing I made might have been churros and chocolate. It was a very simple affair. 

Finally, over that last week, the Box Nine readers grew by thousands and our Box Nine brunch video now has over 1.3 million views. I am so grateful to all of you who have supported me in the journey. I can't wait to get started on the next issue.

Now then... here are a few of the things that attracted, distracted, or otherwise occupied my short attention span this week.

savour... simple affairs

1. Boîte à Sel Cement Salt Box - Kiss the Frog (found at Sur La Table). My newest kitchen purchase has been bringing a smile to my face every day since I bought it earlier this month. This handy container is simple and stylish and has replaced the plastic, screw-top salt box I used to keep. This one is so handsome that it doesn't have to be tucked in the cupboard. It sits proudly on the counter by the stove.

2. Chocolate Chip Panettone - Bauducco. I am not even going to go into how much I love panettone. The dried fruit version has been part of my holidays since I first had it in Italy over 30 years ago. These days, when I want the dried fruit kind, I typically get a mini one. My kids on the other hand, LOVE the chocolate chip variety. The taste is very similar, but there's chocolate, so...
As a bonus, try this... slice the cake horizontally in 1 inch slices. Leave them out to dry for a day or so. Make a french toast batter and use the panettone as your vehicle. That is breakfast heaven.

3. Atelier Flatware - Sabre (found at Anthropologie). Sabre makes some of the most gorgeous, modern flatware out there. Their choice of materials always surprises me. This Atelier Flatware is no exception. I can't get enough of it. My prop library is crying out for some.

4. Treetopia Pencil Tree - Treetopia. I can't say enough good things about this tree. It is slim and perfectly shaped for a tight space or highly trafficked corner. I got one of these trees this year along with a lighted wreath and garland. It was incredibly simple to assemble and looks full and beautiful. The tree even came with a handy, handled, zip storage bag to easily stow it when the season is over. This one is a keeper.

5. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I only see a few movies in the theater each year. I usually hold out for something that will be visually stunning and best seen on a giant screen. This year The Secret Life of Walter Mitty made the short list. I loved this film so much that I bought the blu-ray version of it the day it was released. I had already seen it 4 times before I watched it again on my birthday. It is beautiful and good and reminds us to get out there and live while we still can.

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