Very Berry Tart: The Video


Today, ladies and gentlemen, the role of Treat of the Week will be played by Very Berry Tart video. I completed this video last weekend and it was just released a few days ago by my friends at California Giant Berry Farms. I hope you will enjoy watching it. It's not everyday I get to make berries dance and slalom race.

The components of this treat can be made ahead of time. Then grab some berries and assemble just before serving. If you take nothing else away from this, make this pastry cream. Simply put... it is perfection. The specks of real vanilla and cream cheese make it the best, easiest, only pastry cream you will ever use.

Because I created the recipe and video for California Giant, the actual recipe doesn't live here. You'll find it instead on their blog, The Buzz. Visit the A Very Berry Tart - Brought to Life article to get the full recipe.

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