Weekend Wrap Up

Last week was jam-packed with fun. I completed a new video for California Giant Berries, shot and wrote a recipe for the most beautiful salad, and began planning for my Halloween articles on HGTV.com this year (yes, Halloween). Below is some stuff I LOVED (in no order of importance) as I made my way through the week.


1. Wood Plank Wall DIY - from Kristin Eldridge. This wall looks so rustic, yet modern. She includes a wonderful step by step. Check out her blog for this, lots of great portrait photography, and more.
2. Artichokes - I got to spend the day choosing and shooting these beauties. They were the main character in a recipe for Roasted Artichokes with Fava Beans and Olives  that will appear on HGTVGardens.com later this week. Look for an abundance of them as they come into season. Start looking around for even more artichoke dishes. See our new artichoke pinboard to get you started.
3. Saveur 100 - I look forward to this magazine every month. This month is dedicated to highlighting 100 of the most amazing food related things they could find including ingredients, recipes, restaurants, people, books... you name it. It's foodapalooza.
4. Humans of New York - This book was released late last year and many of you may have already seen it. It is the work of Brandon Stanton, creator of the blog by the same name. I saw Brandon in a live interview on Chase Jarvis Live this week. He was humble, and honest, and clearly driven by his passion to follow his dreams. It was an amazing 90 minutes which turned me on to his work... a little late to the party, obviously, because his facebook page has over 3 million likes. 
5. Paper Pot - I had a problem. I had to remove the toilet paper from the roller because Phoebe, the studio kitty, amuses herself by unrolling all the paper into the floor. Worse yet, sometimes she manages to get it into the toilet if the lid is up and fills the entire bowl with paper which cannot be flushed. I sat the paper on the back of the toilet, but she just bats it around. Then, while sourcing party supplies this week, I stumbled upon this solution at ModernLola.com. The rolls fit neatly inside and just the tail pokes out of the top (works for tissues, too). Hopefully it will do the trick.


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