Weekend Wrap Up

The end of February... time to measure success for the year so far. Hopefully, if you established some goals at the beginning of the year, you've devised some method for tracking your progress so you can adjust as your proceed. For me, many of those goals circle around Today's Nest. I have managed to stay on track for all of them except for daily views. After moving the site to a new host last year, I lost a lot of readers who were sent my way from links that have since been broken. So now we are on a mission to build our audience again... one post at a time.

So what happened last week? Well, I did a great deal of research on healthy snacks, ikebana (expect more on this amazing art form soon), and more Halloween content. I changed 3 tires, got picked up by a leading stock photo firm, and created a desktop garden oasis.

Last week was also the last week of our 4th year of Today's Nest. It's funny, but it's hard now to imagine my life before Today's Nest. I am so happy to have been doing it this long and, strangely enough, I still have loads more to share with you. Let's begin with some stuff I loved from last week.


1. Chico Hamilton Quintet - some jazz acts don't get the recognition they deserve. If you love jazz, check out this new release of great, old jazz including many tracks that have previously only been available on out of print LPs)

2. Pea, Potato and Carrot Samosas and Asian Steak Tacos -  from Sips and Spoonfuls. I'm totally making this. Not only does it sound delicious, but the photos are lovely.

3. Oscar Bingo and Ballot - from How About Orange. Jessica Jones has created a free printable for you. It is as clever as it is pretty. While you're there, check out the rest of her amazing work.

4. Geometric Terra Cotta Pot - brand new to Design Within Reach. The first several pages of their current catalog are full of spring items sure to inspire. I am smitten with this geometric planter. 

5. WASA Multi Grain Crispbread - my healthy snack research came back to WASA several times last week. I have been eating the rye version of their crackers for many years, but just this week took on the multi grain crispbread for the first time. They are delicious and provide the perfect amount of crunch to keep your snack interesting. As a base for chopped caprese, tuna salad, or a thin (THIN!) smearing of Nutella, these are a great, healthy, whole grain option.

Note: While nearly everything you find within the pages of Today's Nest is original content, the Weekend Wrap Up contains some photos that are not my work. The intent is purely to promote those associated with the work. If, however, something here belongs to you and wish to have it removed, please contact me. All of these opinions are my own. I have not been paid for any of these endorsements.