Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Sunday! 

This has been a hectic week. If you know me, you know that I am eternally optimistic, but this week I hit so many roadblocks that even I was shaken. There was one day, Thursday I believe, that I truly considered getting back in bed, going to sleep and starting over when I woke up as if the first version had never happened. Technology failed me that day in a big way, but fortunately I was able to continue working thanks to Evernote. (see below). 

There are a few other things that help keep me going (and probably you, too) when faced with adversity. I try to surround myself with music, mood, and the things I love. See the photos below for a few of them.


1 Evernote - I cannot fully convey how much I LOVE Evernote. I used to keep a planner/binder with all of my notes, calendars, tear sheets, doodles, wishlists, etc. Now everything I want to remember is in one, searchable place. It works with my mac, iPad, windows PC, and android phone. This was a huge saver this week when my internet was out. Everything I needed was in my notes on my phone. Genius.

2 Lagrima vanilla - If you had a look at the Treat of the Week: Fresh Fruit with Skinny Vanilla Custard Sauce from Friday, you know that the vanilla custard is the headliner. This is no time to skimp on ingredients. Luckily, I had Lagrima vanilla. It is one of the best vanilla extracts I've ever used. It's made from single-sourced, organic, Ugandan vanilla beans and processed slowly with no heat to reveal amazing color, flavor, and aroma. (No. They didn't pay me to say that.)

3 Chai Pear Chocolate Pudding Tart - from the blog Fork and Flower. I am completely obsessed with this tart, but moreover with this blog from Zurich, Switzerland. This tart by Scarlett is a must try. The photos are amazing. These particular shots were done by Scarlett's friend, Christine Benz, but the rest of the lovely photos you'll see here are by Scarlett. Do go lose yourself for an hour or so.

4 Molton Brown ReCharge Black Pepper Candela - I am so lucky (and grateful) to be doing what I love for a living. To make it better, I do it from home. That has its ups and downs, but fortunately more former than latter. One of the perks of having my office and studio at home is that I can behave in a way I never could when I worked for 'the man'. I keep music playing most of the day. My most commonly played mix of Euro-lounge, house, vintage jazz, and funk would never have gone over well with my office mates. I also keep a candle lit to fill my office with a scent that speaks to me. Right now, that scent is this ReCharge Black Pepper from Molton Brown. It is spicy, and woody, and good.

5 My wok - No link, just goodness. I have owned this wok for over 25 years. As you can see, we have made hundreds of meals together. This week I was reminded again of our old friendship as I pulled it down to make a stir fry dish that will be published here later this week. When I finished I washed it lovingly, rubbed in a light coat of oil, and hung it back in its place of honor. It's good to savour the things you love.

Note: While nearly everything you find within the pages of Today's Nest is original content, the Weekend Wrap Up contains some photos that are not my work. The intent is purely to promote those associated with the work. If, however, something here belongs to you and wish to have it removed, please contact me. All of these opinions are my own. I have not been paid for any of these endorsements.