Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Sunday!

Savour Life... it's something I talk about frequently. I've been adding the savour line to posts here since I started this blog over 4 years ago. I believe that the best things in life are often the simplest, and when we take time to appreciate them we enrich our lives in unparalleled ways.

This week, as I was driving home from the supermarket, I was distracted by a flash in the sky. When I turned to check it out, I saw a tremendous thunderhead cloud. Standing tall and wide, it appeared to grow right out of the horizon. What was strange was the way the lightning was almost completely contained by the cloud. It lit up from within randomly with just little bits of bolt poking through, like a Simon game with a short circuit. It was incredible to see... the kind of experience that you can count on one hand, like sun showers or red moons.

My cumulus encounter led me to consider savouring all week. As I haven't been eating much meat lately, I savoured the beef in the Ginger Beef with Kale and Mushrooms from earlier this week. And I definitely savoured the Berry Wine Sherbet. In fact, I savoured that until it was gone. In this case, savour = indulgence. But it didn't stop there. I noticed the start of at least 30 new lemons on my meyer lemon trees and curled up on the sofa to watch a movie with my kid (who is quickly outgrowing that kind of thing). I found myself more appreciative than usual this week, grateful for my happy life. I hope you will look around and consider all of your fortune, too.

savour... life 


Read on to discover some of the amazing things I savoured this week.

1 Nar Gourmet- Nar Gourmet has hit US shores. This company is bringing its unique take on Mediterranean flavors to American markets. They produce high quality oils, vinegars, herbs & spices, and jams & marmalades with ingredients from the Anatolian region of Turkey. I have been sampling a few of their products and I am very impressed. I took my hummus to a whole new level with chili pepper flavored EVOO, and made a Mediterranean Chicken & Quinoa Salad (more on that to come) that was out of this world with their basil infused EVOO.  Among a few of my other favorites were apple vinegar and organic dried tomato. I'm a fan. Check out these and their other offerings at Nar Gourmet.

2 Springtime-  picnic basket by bloondesign. I cannot get enough of this. I keep looking at it over and over. There is something so chic about being stylish AND clever. This picnic set straps right to your bicycle for a jaunt to the park. Then, voila, you are at a private table with your lunch in hand. It's simply brilliant. Unfortunately, Springtime is not in production yet. The folks at bloondesign are taking a bit longer to make it as fantastic as they can. In the meantime, see more photos of it here and follow them on Facebook so you can be the first to know when you can purchase it. See you in line.

3 Dream a Little Dream - Pink Martini and The von Trapps. Yes, those von Trapps. Well, not exactly. These are the great grandchildren of the von Trapps upon which the Sound of Music was based. They have collaborated with Pink Martini to create an album which was released earlier this month. I have listened to Dream a Little Dream repeatedly on Spotify, but you can purchase it on their websites, too (click their names above).  Truthfully, I would have fallen for just about anything associated with Pink Martini, but the von Trapps absolutely blew me away. This collection of international songs takes you from stunning vocals to jazzy, upbeat fun ( I loved Le Premier Bonheur du Jour and, of course, Edelweiss). Talent clearly runs in the family.

4 Art & Sole - Author and wife of shoe designer, Stuart Weitzman, Jane Gershon Weitzman has released a new book, Art & Sole, just in time for Mother's Day. In this, her first book, Weitzman presents a collection of art shoes from over 30 designers. The images and creativity in this book are stunning. The book itself is lovely, and would be a great coffee table book for an art lover, or shoe aficianado. You can get a copy in Stuart Weitzman shops or Barnes & Noble. And here's the best part... 100% of all profits are donated to Ovarian and Breast Cancer Research. Try that on for size.

5 Sardines - It will probably sound crazy to many of you, but I LOVE sardines. There was a time when they were quite popular in the US, but over time have been replaced by tuna as the leading canned fish. I'm doing my part to keep sardine canneries in business. I easily have 6 different brands in my pantry right now. My favorite? It's hard to say. For my sardine salad, I love Titus HOT (shown here). They are perfectly spicy. As a student in Spain, I ate sardines in tomato sauce on bread routinely as my lunch. It all felt so European. Now it just feels like lunch.

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