Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Sunday!

This weekend is full of April showers which have kept me inside. It's a perfect time to get some work done and finish my taxes. I've been drowning in a sea of receipts all week and will be glad to finally push the submit button. 

Beyond my time at the adding machine, I have been busy working on Halloween projects and planning for grilling season. It's a little strange to combine candy corn and charcoal in the same week, but the variety keeps life interesting.

In my research this week, I stumbled upon some amazing finds. Below you will find some of the stuff I fell in love with this week. Enjoy.

1 Kumatos- I have been working on a new client project which is all about tomato appetizers. One of my favorites is the Kumato. It's delicious, but mostly it is so darn pretty. It is often called a brown tomato, but it's really more of a lovely, rich burgundy color. Just beautiful. You can find them at most specialty grocers and learn more about them and some great recipes at Sunset.com.

2 Meatball Grill Basket- from Williams-Sonoma. I've been planning for grilling season and my upcoming Twitter Party with Sears and The Daily Basics. The chat, called #TalkDerbyToMe, is to help participants get ready for their Kentucky Derby parties (more to come on that). While researching, I stumbled upon this meatball grilling basket and now I must have one. I can't wait to infuse delicious meatballs with smoky flavor.

3 Bottle in the Gaza Sea-  This movie has been in my queue for some time. I am so glad I finally found time to watch it this week. Based on the book of the same name by Valerie Zenatti, the film tells the story of a boy and girl who find each other in a most unusual way. The story offers a look into the lives of young people living in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and their desire for peace. Although the main characters are torn in their beliefs, they manage to find true friendship.

4 Plated Stories- Today's Nest gained a new twitter follower this week in @plated_stories. I was surprised and delighted to find their blog. It is stunning. The photos and recipes will have you clicking on page after page. It's no wonder they are a Saveur Best Food Blog finalist. Go follow them and lose yourself on their blog.

5 Tina Nordstrom's Scandinavian Cooking- This book is visually beautiful and loaded with recipes I can't wait to try. The images and graphics are wonderful. The author, Tina Nordstrom, seems so approachable and fun. You are sure to get a kick out of it.

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