Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Sunday!

I woke up this morning with a head full of clever ideas. I brought my computer to life and started dumping my thoughts into Evernote. None of them can be done right now, but there is some really good stuff that will likely materialize after I've wrapped up the remaining Halloween projects. I've completed about half of Halloween and eaten far more candy corn than I intended.

In an effort to live life to the fullest, I made a list of travel destinations this week. I'm not exactly sure how I will afford to visit them all, but I'm determined to make it happen. I may have to start with the North American ones to keep the costs down.

As usual, my weekly wanderings led me to some stuff that I loved. Below I have included my five favorite things from last week... in no particular order.

savour... wanderlust

1 Malin + Goetz Dark Rum Collection - I cannot say enough to explain the goodness of this collection. Showering with the body wash (pictured above) fills the bathroom with the fragrance of comfort.  They didn't stop there, though. Malin + Goetz also offers hand and body wash, lotion, a candle, and eau de toilette in the dark rum fragrance. If dark rum isn't your thing, check out some of their other offerings.

2 Haute Dogs - by Russell van Kraayenburg. I am so excited for this book from Russell, the mind behind Chasing Delicious. The book, which features dog varieties from The Chicago Dog to the Filipino Stick Dog, covers the history and methods of hot dogs and answers the life long question "Which came first... the bun or the dog?" You can pre-order the book now or wait for its release on April 29. To see more about the book, check out Russell's YouTube video here.

3 Delta Hex - hand-crafted, raised tile from Portland Cement Company... available at Filmore Clark. I absolutely love the geometric beauty of this tile. I have been sourcing something textural for an upcoming project and this one tops my list. Be sure to check out the rest of the site at Filmore Clark, where they are committed to the best in American made artisan tiles.

4 Pasture Raised Eggs - I watched a couple of food documentaries this week... mostly centered around US food production, vegetarians, and vegans. I'm not going to tell you which ones yet. I'm waiting to assemble a list of my favorites. Here's the thing with becoming informed... the more you know, the more you have to wrestle with your conscience and choices. Where I stand today? I am NOT going to become a vegan. I'm not judging anyone who is, but I am not willing to give up eggs and dairy yet. What I am willing to do is behave more responsibly about where I get the eggs and dairy. Apparently all those cage-free, free-range, blah-blah-blah's are smoke and mirrors. The pressed paper cartons and brown eggs don't ensure that the animals were treated humanely (I don't even want to go into what is happening in those egg factories). To be assured that you have eggs from happy chickens and meat and dairy from happy animals, check out Certified Humane.  Here you will find a list of places to buy in your area. For eggs specifically, visit Vital Farms. They have superb standards and partner with farms across the southern states to provide happy eggs.

5 Cast Iron Garlic Roaster - from Crate and Barrel. I love this simple device so much. I had a terra cotta one last year that met a disastrous end. It was no match for my concrete floors. This cast iron one looks like it will hold up much better and will be perfect for oven or grill. It's so cute, it could even sit out on the counter.

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