Rubbing Elbows with Bob Vila: DIY Challenge

You mean "This Old House" Bob Vila? "Godfather of Home Improvement" Bob Vila? Yes. That's the one. I must tell you nobody could be more shocked than I was to learn that the folks from Bob Vila were paying attention to little ole me and my little yellow birdie, but a few weeks ago I got an email that surprised me, to say the least.

It turns out that over at Bob Vila they were looking for pipe fitting DIY projects and happened upon this DIY Pipe Vase that we published here a couple of months ago. They liked it so much that they invited us to be part of their first ever DIY competition. I agreed immediately, of course, but here's the thing... we need your votes. So if you liked this project (or you just like us) hop on over to Bob Vila's site and show us some love. 

The contest begins today and runs through June 21. You can vote once per day.

In the meantime, if you never saw the vase before, but want to know more, be sure to check out the original DIY Pipe Vase post.