Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Sunday!

This has been the strangest sort of week... floating in and out of days, trying to determine the meaning of life, and moreover trying to pull myself out of a rut. Hey, we all get in them at times. This was my week. I questioned my path, my motives, my everything. Then I slapped myself around and pulled it back together. That might be the hardest thing of all. If I'm being honest, I must admit that it took a night or two of too much wine and popcorn to rally my inner troops and get everyone on the same path. In the end, we made it. We always do.

I had some help along the way, evidenced by some of my picks below. The popcorn came in handy on movie night. I finally watched The Grand Budapest Hotel and lamented not seeing it in the theater. It was glorious. The images were amazing and the whole thing seemed to be dipped in vibrant color. I think I may be the last person on Earth who hadn't seen it, but if you haven't, I highly recommend it.

Beyond that, I spent most of the week working on plans for the fall and putting the finishing touches on my new photography site. I'll be sharing that with you soon. In the meantime, read on for some of the stuff I loved this week.

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1 fyi network - months of wondering what the heck was happening to the Biography Channel have finally been answered. In its place is the new fyi network. I'm very excited about some of the new shows although I will miss the occasional biography. The new network has promise. I could do without some of the reality TV stuff, but there appears to be some useful programming, as well. 

2 cannonau di sardegna - this wine is a robust red (great for sauces). This grape variety is found on the island of Sardegna in the Mediterranean Sea. Beyond being tasty, it has the distinction of having more health benefits than any other red wine. Dr. Oz suggests that this wine is a contributing factor to the long life span of Sardinians (yes, I will use that as justification). It's a steal between $12 and $20.

3 the latin side of vince guaraldi - actually, I don't know why this has only come up now. I can't live without this album. It is great music for clearing the cobwebs in your head and perfect for a dinner party. This is the album that propelled Vince Guaraldi and eventually made him the music behind Charlie Brown. Check it out on itunes or spotify.

4 cherries - get 'em while they're hot, I always say. Cherry season is on the downhill slope now and soon your shot at the best, freshest beauties will be gone. Put them in everything and savour the flavour. Looking for inspiration? Try our Chocolate Cherry Trifle.

5 the $50 home makeover - by Shaunna West... this book is too good. There are dozens of projects here to add some pizzazz to your home. Not all projects will be for everyone, but everyone is sure to find something they love. Reimagine old pieces and spaces with these great projects... all under $50.

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